My One Take B-Movie Film: The Whispering Invasion

Another week and another quick one take film!

This time I roped in my friends Pam and Ian to help me with a little idea I wanted to try out.

Again, with limited time and the need to exercise my skills when it comes to no budget, one location and available equipment, I wanted to try my hand with the theme of home invasion because it’s quite a difficult genre to pace in the visual sense. It also means that you need to use sound to its fullest potential to drive an idea which might seem quite simple at face value, but requires bringing the story alive with performance and sound design.

I know that in this edit, I went quite literal with the sounds, perhaps a touch over the top! But it’s great fun experimenting and even making my own sounds with a zoom recorder.  Truth be told, I’m not a sound designer although I do try! Actually, some of the sound design might remind you of Kung-Fu B-movies, where the sound design is exaggerated, maybe missing the punch at times, but still works!

The first idea of the narrative was that the lead character was perhaps on her way home, realised that she was being followed and ran into her house. Unfortunately for her the pursuer then violently broke into her house and attempted to hunt her down.

The second narrative strand was that our victim was in the house already, then heard someone trying to break in, turned the lights off and tried to hide before the killer came for her.

Working with Pam and Ian was great, as it challenged me to work with non-actors, something that I really enjoy doing. I was able to practice my directional skills, and Pam and Ian in turn performed really well considering it was their first time on screen doing anything like this. Pam was able to tap into her real fears, and drew upon real life experiences where she had felt scared or even followed in the past. Together we tried to imagine how we would behave, or act if in this situation. I believe the performance really comes together towards the end, and we get a sense of terror when coming face to face with the unknown, the dangerous.

Thanks for for some of the sounds and to Pam and Ian!

The Whispering Invasion: Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Director, Editor and Sound Design by Simret Cheema-Innis AKA Wickergirl.

Please check out my Instagram/Twitter @Wickergirl666 and my up and coming film Twitter @Frommetoyoufilm and Instagram @from_me_to_you_film. Thanks for watching all!


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