iphone Movie: The Britannia Haunting

A few weeks ago, I was on the panel at the Liverpool Horror Film Festival for the ‘Horror Is No Place For A Lady’ event run by The Liverpool Horror Club. Knowing how to please her horror guests, the Horror Club’s International Liaison Mariam Draeger kindly put both Arrow Film’s Rebecca Howard and I in the notoriously haunted Britannia Adelphi Hotel. After a night out and a cultural experience trawling Liverpools city centre with the Horror Clubs organiser (and tour guide for the night) Chris Farrie, we eventually retreated to our hotel.

However, because it was very late by the time I got in, I decided to stay up and explore the hotel as I didn’t want to waste such an opportunity! As Rebecca needed to borrow my charger, and I had an idea in mind I wanted to shoot, I knew that I’d need her help later on.

So at around 6AM Rachel kindly dragged herself from her cosy slumber, and returned my charger along with helping me shoot some tricky shots. Thanks Rebecca!

I finished on time before catching my super early train back to London!

Enjoy the haunted spooks of the Britannia Adelphi Hotel which really is haunted.

The Britannia Haunting: Producer, Writer, Director, Editor and Sound Design by Simret Cheema-Innis AKA Wickergirl. Cinematography by Simret Cheema-Innis and Rebecca Howard.

Please check out my Instagram/Twitter @Wickergirl666 and my up and coming film Twitter @Frommetoyoufilm and Instagram @from_me_to_you_film and Facebook Page. Thanks for watching all!

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