My iphone horror movie: The Presence

In preparation for my sci-fi body-horror film From Me To You which I’ll complete filming this year, I thought I’d take some inspiration from Steven Soderbergh’s recent iphone movie making phenomena. Although this was shot quickly (one-take only/once only), it just goes to show, exercising storytelling skills in the simplest way possible is really good practice.

I used myself as a performer, came up with the idea on the spot, edited the clip, then threw in some sound design. I already have a sound design library which I used, along with some support from

The story itself actually was borne from funny mock-horror conversations I sometimes have with my fellow filmmaker friend David Campion.

I hope you enjoy it and you may listen with headphones for a more immersive experience!

Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Director, Performer/Actress, Editor and Sound Design by Simret Cheema-Innis AKA Wickergirl.

Music/Sound Effects with thanks to the following at









Thanks for watching all!

Please check out my Instagram/Twitter @Wickergirl666 and my up and coming film Twitter @Frommetoyoufilm and Instagram @from_me_to_you_film.

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