Vlog: Underrated Horror Movies on Netflix

I love watching movies via online streaming service Netflix. I remember being so excited when I first signed up, in fact I was more looking forward to re-watching and discovering classic movies rather than watching the newer movies. There were also Netflix for children, the perfect opportunity to reconnect with films from my childhood, nostalgia never felt better.

As the time has passed since my 5 years with Netflix, things have developed greatly with some amazing Netflix Original series such as Breaking Bad and House of Cards. They’ve also given independent film companies an opportunity to have films screened and discovered.

Netflix is on a roll and with all of the series and films, it can be easy to miss a few gems, especially in my favourite category: horror movies!

In this weeks vlog, I list my top 5 underrated movies on Netflix.

If there are any others please join in the conversation and let me know.

Thanks for watching and please feel free to subscribe to my Youtube Channel, Twitter and Facebook.

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