He’s Out There Review

It takes a really good home invasion movie to keep many interested until the end, and it’s because premise-wise it can feel like an all too recycled story.

Although ‘He’s Out There,’ falls into this category, it’s still well-achieved and keeps you at the edge of your seat because of the films brutality.

Laura (Yvonne Strahovski) and her daughters Maddie (Abigail Pniowsky) and Kayla (Anna Pniowsky) seek resort at their summer lake house. Upon their arrival, the security guard informs the trio in passing that a young boy went missing some time ago. Quite inappropriate a mention, Laura seems weary of him and his lack of boundaries but finally they make it to their lake house.

As children do, the girls wander into the forest and find a tea party laid out for them with cupcakes and are very excited.

But later in the evening, Maddie becomes sick and the telephone lines are suddenly cut, Laura has no signal and as the allergic reaction gets worse, Maddie coughs up a small piece of paper containing a note confirming that she’s been poisoned.

The family start to panic, and it’s revealed that a psychopath is on a mission to destroy them.

Although you may get frustrated at characters Maddie and Kayla’s reactions to the terrorism their experiencing, Lasher provides us with realistic behavioural traits of children in the midst of a traumatic scenario.

Lasher is also unforgiving in his portrayal of a psychopath who doesn’t have any qualms with killing children and, killing in front of them.

This is a horrifying film to watch because of the stark realism. You hear of psychopaths hurting children all the time, but to see it on screen is still shocking.

Real life sisters and actresses Abigail Pniowsky and Anna Pniowsky, pull off the most convincing child performance I’ve seen in a long time.

Yvonne Strahovski known for ‘The Handmaids Tale’ and ‘Dexter’ plays a genuine

portrayal of a mother trying to personally cope with the abysmal events unfolding, whilst consoling and protecting her daughters.

In the same way that Jackals (2017) provoked a feeling of injustice and many turn-away-from-the-screen moments, ‘He’s Out There,’ is a hard-to-watch movie. But it’s a decent home invasion film that doesn’t leave you twiddling your thumbs, but rather shouting at the screen, wanting to step into the television to launch a machete at the psychopath, slice him into tiny pieces, throw his innards on the fire yourself before passing them through the pulping machine. If a film can do this, it’s got to be well worth a watch.

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