My Aura Paintings

Last year I started painting.

It all began when I discovered that I could create gifts for my friends and family using my psychic abilities. I’d think of the person the gift was for, then see what came to me in terms of the persons near past, present and future in energy form.

As I did this, I’d start painting the canvas, almost going into a trance.

I never keep any of my paintings since they’re gifts, in fact it feels nice to give them away. The joy is actually creating them for someone, through the love, compassion and appreciation I have for them in my life.

I guess it’s where the term ‘Aura Paintings,’ came from.

Now we’re in 2022, I’ve decided to start a collection. I don’t know whether I’ll exhibit them or when they’ll be completed, but these aren’t for gifts. I like to think that if I ever have an exhibition one day, people will be drawn to the ones they like, much like how you choose crystals.

I’ve always been a bit shy about publishing my artworks because I’m self taught. One day, I just ordered a bunch of paints, brushes and created the textures I liked. My film work tends to be quite texture based as I love organisms, fantastical creatures and extreme closeups; generally working with tactile mediums. I like to think that my paintings are similar. Even when I’m performing, I enjoy creating layers and make-up that is both gory, fleshy, beautiful, but with an almost erogenous aesthetic.

Anyhow, here I am breaking through my fear and sharing some of my favourite paintings, all of which were gifts for friends/family. I hope you enjoy!

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