Say Hello to Psychic Simret

Halloween is fast approaching and it’s the busiest time of the year for us horror aficionados. Whether it’s making a film in time for Halloween, preparing for a Halloween party, carefully crafting a horror movie marathon, working at an event or performing at one. Needless to say, it’s a time where the macabre is enjoyed by nearly everyone. And in my case, asides from being a freelance Producer/VFX Production Coordinator/Writer/Director immersed within the sci-fi and horror genre, I also love to perform for various events/film/television/parties.

October is often a particularly wonderful month for me, since I tend to get bookings for my psychic performances where my talents include tarot readings, crystal ball scrying and palmistry. You can check out my Psychic Simret website for more information here.
Last year, after Coordinating a team of Make-up Artists with Head of Make-up/my best friend Sammm Agnew with over sixty-five Halloween make-up looks for Annabel’s London, I performed at the Avalon TV party for Torture Garden Productions Ltd.

Halloween always presents me with a juxtaposition. That of being behind the scenes, taking care to look after acts/performers along with managing a team, to then suddenly become one of those acts.
There’s usually a theme to adhere to when booked for an event or party, and this is the challenge, being able to figure out how I’ll present my act.
I’ve even collected an array of different costumes and make-up, usually creating something pretty spectacular and exclusive with Designer Sammm Agnew, to suit nearly every theme, not to mention a new headdress every year!
I’ve performed as the Traditional Gypsy Fortune Teller, Occult Pagan, Witch, Zombie, Morticia Addams and Fetish Fortune Teller.
Usually, if it’s a large event, I will do what is called a ‘walkabout’ around the space. Most people are either scared, weary or really thrilled to have their tarot read and it usually ends up with me interacting with small groups at a time, doing one psychic reading after the other.
But it’s also quite varied, as some people prefer a private 1-1 reading, and this includes couples too, all of which is mysterious fun.

Depending on the style of the party or event, I sometimes have an actual area or set-up which can be hidden away and guests can come and visit me. I love these kinds of gigs as it always reminds me of those old tales where the fortune teller is hidden away in a mystical tent. These kinds scenarios also provide clients with more privacy for their readings.
My psychic work has taken me to many a location. Over time I’ve performed at private parties, restaurants, music events and fetish clubs.

Fetish Gore Show


One of my favourite acts is my voodoo-witch inspired show.
Here you’ll find me performing an erotic ritualistic dance of death, featuring macabre illusions as a dismemberment and even death.
It’s rather disturbing, but beautiful at the same time as I pump all of my energy into the show, giving the audience something, they have never seen before.
This is an original show which is dramatic and passionate, a unification of morbid love. Perfect for a Halloween show, Fetish Nights, Horror Nights and cutting-edge arts events.
I’m looking forward to this year and if you require a Psychic at your up and coming events, I’m available for bookings all year round including Halloween! Please feel free to drop me an e-mail at

Thanks, and I hope that you enjoy watching my performance reel!

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