The Start of World Horror Con

Tonight was filled with nervous anticipation as I entered the Monteleone Hotel in New Orleans for World Horror Con.

I was welcomed with a rucksack full of goodies. Forvever Man by Brian Matthews, Blood Moon by M.R. Sellars, The Blood Gospel by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell are some of the samples that promised to keep me on tenterhooks for the next few months.


The first evening began with an art show, the opening of the dealer’s room and a selection of readings by authors. The first event I attended was a reading by author John R. Little. John discussed his new endeavour with flip books. This is where you have a novel by one author on one side of the book and another novel by a different author on the other.

John Everson was next in line to drag us into the underworld of his edgy literature. Field of Flesh is his up and coming novel, a story with a ghastly twist in the tale about a couple who visit a swingers club.


The Only Constant is Change was a panel discussion about the future of books in the light of the rising popularity of ebooks and the  virtual book market. Lynne Hansen, Liz Gorinkski Chris Morey, John Prescott and Querus Abuttu provided useful information on the current market and the convenience of POD machines also known as book Expresso Machines. All provided useful information on serial writing

‘Write the first book, but write an even better second book’ said Lynne Hansen

‘Don’t be a one hit wonder!’ said Chris Morey

Touching on serials, Liz Gorinski also advised that writers shouldn’t write a novel and just chop it into sections. That’s not really a serial in the way that Charles Dickens pioneered. Write it and publish it one section at a time. That way it’ll have the energy that keeps readers wanting more.

Tonight was just the beginning of the World Horror Convention, but I’m looking forward to enjoying more and seeing what this fabulous collection of guests and authors have to offer those with a longing for the horrific and the macabre. More soon.

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