Favourite New Orleans Films

To mark the event of my trip to New Orleans and World Horror Con I’ve put together a list of my favourite movies based around Louisiana’s Deep South.

Alan Parker’s Angel Heart is one of my favourite film noirs of all time, rustling voodoo, demonic possession and mystery in this horror detective story. The film is an adaptation of the novel Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg who also wrote the screenplay for Ridley Scott’s fantasy adventure Legend (1985).

Clive Barker’s short story ‘The Forbidden’ from Volume 5 of the Books of Blood tells the story of the notorious Candyman.

Candy Man 2: Farewell to the Flesh sums up southern hospitality featuring nightmarish Mardi Gras scenes as Daniel Robitaille returns to his ancestors to seek vengeance.

Interview with the Vampire was originally a novel by gothic horror novelist Anne Rice who apparently wrote the book not long after her young daughter died. It follows Lois a 200-year old vampire who is turned by another vampire called the Lestat. Whilst Lestat shows Lois the ropes he finds it hard to murder humans.

The Cat People (1982) was a remake of the 1942 version of the movie. Irena is reunited with her long lost brother Paul who reveals that their parents were of the Werecat Dynasty, a species that turns into a leopard if intimate with humans.

Beasts of the Southern Wild comes from first time Director Benh Zeitlin and takes place in a Southern Louisiana bayou called ‘Bathtub’. With its strong portrayal of community spirit and survival this film mixes fantasy with reality taking you on an epic journey of life discovery.

The Last Exorcism homes in on the southern outback as this found footage movie exposes the truth about bogus exorcisms…and real ones too.

The Big Easy (1987) directed by Jim Mcbride is classic example of 80’s crime drama. It captures the criminal underworld of New Orleans with plenty of sex and riveting action.

When the Levees Broke is a four part documentary directed by Spike Lee about the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina featuring iconic footage from the last century.

Hope to see you at World Horror Con!

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