Psychic Simret At Boneca London

Photo By Boneca London

It was great to be back in action with my psychic fortune telling work during the Halloween and Christmas period under my act ‘Psychic Simret.’

I managed to cover quite a few club nights and some lovely Christmas venues too.

Being a psychic performer takes a lot of preparation, conceptualising and of course energy to entertain, but I absolutely love being able to connect with others, whether it’s through tarot reading, crystal ball scrying, aura readings and palmistry.

You can take a look at my video at the Boneca London Theatre Des Vampires event.

Thanks to fellow performers who starred in the video and Third Mind Productions for this incredible gig! Further thanks to Elektra Adonis AKA Funeral Of Being who did my beautiful make-up. Custom Psychic Simret headdresses made by Sammm Agnew.

I also wrote a short audio-visual paranormal erotica story which you can find exclusively via a donation on my Buy Me A Coffee site inspired by my psychic work which you can find here. 

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