Mini Film: Home for Christmas

After seeing the Joyce Carol Oates Masterclass advert, and perhaps even babbling on about it on numerous occasions, a friend gifted me a years subscription for the website.

I have been working through the assignments and gaining both professional and personal insight into how Joyce Carol Oates creates her stories.
There are some incredible tips which make you really think about how to approach your writing, stories and even generate new ideas off the back of seeds of ideas, notes, people, places and even props!
As part of the Masterclass Oates sets assignments, and although I’m slightly behind on a couple, this week I approached the character development task. But I decided to take it in a different direction using the medium of video to tell a character story in the first person.

Home for Christmas follows a young lady as she explains what Christmas means to her, eventually descending into existential terror and chaos beyond return.

Enjoy and thanks for watching!

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