Exclusive Interview with Ellen Datlow

If you want to know what makes a good story, then Ellen Datlow is the woman.

With a number of awards under her belt, including a Life Achievement Award from the World Horror Association, Ellen is one of the leading horror, fantasy and science fiction anthology Editors around.

Success began for Ellen working at Omni Magazine and Omni Online in the 80’s through to the late 90’s. She then worked on many other publications including The Year’s Best Fantasy Horror Series.

In this exclusive interview, Ellen talks about her work on The Best Horror of the Year anthology and offers some excellent advice for new writers.

Thank you Ellen Datlow for an inspirational interview.

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  1. Love your page I’m so glad to link up with cool ya feel me lol
    Invest in a zombie and hatefulbones are working on film keep in touch its going to be epic
    #respect & #love
    Frankie Dunn
    Aka MR.BONES

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