Sex Magic Tarot Reading

My life in tarot propels me down exciting paths and most recently new adventures, you can read more about my Psychic work here and watch my reel.

I’m lucky that all of my tarot decks have been gifted by friends and associates where the decks are never the same. This in turn gives me the freedom to delve into different realms depending on the type of deck, where the readings differ to say the most common Rider Waite.

Lately, I’ve been occupied with my sex magic deck gifted to me by a friend of mine who encouraged me to start reading for the more erotically inclined clientele.
It’s been liberating exploring this avenue where I’m able to provide specific readings and lustrous solutions for those who require guidance on their romantic and passionate affairs.

This week I have prodcued an audience reading from my sexy deck to shed a little light on just how I work.